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in the end.

30 Apr

im going to take the harder way.. i am taking the harder way but in the end.


its ALL worth it. keep the head up and move on, let go and learn.



27 Apr

the notebook is one of my favorite love stories. its just soo romantic. their love is so strong.. unexplainable.  the movie may seem like its all lust and infatuation but if you read the book . its just soo cute

one my favorite quotes that noah says to Allie when she is confused in her life.

“So its not going to be easy. Its going to be really hard. We’re are going to work  at this every day.but i want to do that because i want you.I want all of you, for ever, you and me, everyday. Will you do something for me please? Just picture your life  for me? 3o years from now, 40 years from now? what’s it look like?

“What do you WANT?

i think back in the days when they did love letters its so romatic and much more meaningful. these days. its all about texts, emails.. something about letters its just so personal and warming. if you saw the korean movie classic.. the lake house.. they write letters to each other too. writing letters.. taking your time.. thinking about all you want to say. mm love

a love that makes anything possible. of course nothing measures to God’s love for us. but im talking about a relationship between two people that God brings together and its a special intimate bond. His problems are your problems. its as if every single moment he is part of your life.  He knows you more than you know yourself. and likewise.  and when he is gone.. something feels missing. A love that can’t be forgotten. even though noah and allie’s moment was only during the summer. it was that summer that changed their lives.  All those years.. in the back of each other’s minds they were thinking of each other.  A love that changes who you are.. without you knowing.. Allie was closed girl who went with the rules until noah came into her life and taught her to enjoy life.. in a walk to remember.. landon changes while he slowly falls in love with jamie.. haha i just noticed these 2 love stories are from Nicholas sparks. mm romantic love stories.. gives me a warm feeling inside hahha

“The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”-Moulin Rougep


23 Apr
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. “

don’t wanna grow up

18 Apr

“Second to the right and straight on till morning” that, peter had told Wendy, was the way to neverland.



ahhh when i watched this disney movie a while back it made me realize how much i did not want to grow up.  peter pan! take me to neverland with you pleaseeee? i feel as if even though we grow older there is still a little kid inside all of us that just got suppressed as we got older. Every birthday is soo exciting when we are little but as we get older.. dreading a bit? haha living young forever in neverland.. playing with mermaids… fighting hook.. wouldnt’ mind doing that. more responsibilities.. bleh.. when young cant wait to get older.. but when old.. wish i was young again haha funny how im saying this when im not even 21.. but still man.. dont want to get older


18 Apr



 its either a good or bad thing. get different reactions. but when we expect too much . we get disappointed. especially when it comes to relationships with people. we expect people to act a certain way or do certain things but when that doesnt’ come true. its a huge bummer. and disappointment kicks in but gotta just suck it up.  expectations.. thats what humans just do.  to deal with expectations with people, life, jobs, future. relationship with God.  “why didnt my friend do that.. i would expect for her to be there for me”  ” GOd i thought you would be here for me”  ” darn, i thought my boyfriend would do that.. ”   expecting.. thats just what we do

there was this one sermon where the pastor was talking about how us humans expect a lot from God. in general. we expect that if we are Christian we will recieve great health that everything will go fine..and when we have trouble we expect that it will be gone right away. or expect God to fix the problem.  he promised he willl never leave you nor forsake you. no expectations? mmm

 “The best things in life are unexpected-because there were no expectations”

everything new

9 Apr

i love spring. the smell of flowers blooming.. just everything is new again. i have been really liking madcon’s music.. its really good and catchy.. if you haven’t listened to it you should. “begging you” and “liar”

while i was watching t.v this one commercial came up and i really liked it. the liberty mutual commercials are meaningful   watch it! 🙂 its really cute.

summer is coming soon.. time to get fit.. hah hah.. yea.. time to and should.

i hate spiders.

7 Apr

giantwoodspiderunderviewwithsilk1so as i was on the computer minding my own business and talkin to vivian on the phone.. i feel something tickley on my hand. i look down and a freaken spider was crawling on my hand! of course i immeaditely freaked out i jumped out as fast as i can and screamed on top of my lungs. “SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER!!!!”

my roomate Bo.. hates spiders as well and we have trouble killing bugs.. we usually get the bug spray. and spray it first and then kill it. she came in and we are both freaked out.. when i dropped the phone it landed on the spider.. and im telling you this spider was freaken huge.. it was underneath my phone and one of its legs were like poking out! AHHh so i finally lift up my phone and it bones out and crawls on my blanket…we were both freaking out.. but finally we found it on the back of my bed and we sprayed that thing.

oh man… gonna miss this.