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take a chance

29 May


Take a leap, take a chance, take a risk!



27 May

hahha if you know me you know that i have loved hot cheetos for a long time.. i would always eat them in high school.until my index finger and my thumb finger are all red. i honestly gave that hot cheetoo company soo much bank with my $1.

but i cut DOWN alot like as in i barely eat it anymore.. hahah it aint good.. for mehh.. i heard its one of the worst chips that one can get.

but i have triedd all of these 🙂cheetos200mm this was the first one! i remember my first bite! soo good 🙂

CHEETOS_Jumbo_Puffs_Flamin_Hotmy 2nd lover REALLY GOOD!


if u want something TO GO  and not take a whole bag, these asteroids hot cheetoo babies may not be very good but  they are little and bite size and good to go.i don’t think they sell these anymore though :/

Cheetos_Giant_Flamin_Hoti just got this bought this new one cause i heard it just came out.. mm basicaly they are really big balls.. haha they are pretty good but they are too big i like the hot cheetoo puffs better 🙂

soo my recommendation is try the regular one and the puffs are my favorite now haha there is lime and lemon hot cheetoos but honestly i never really liked those.


26 May

1831081 A true friend is someone you can trust with all your secrets.

Another WEEK!

25 May

ahhh 2 more weeks and this quarter is done and then I AM A SENIOR! uh…

lets finish STRONG!

can’t wait for this quarter this year to end.. 3 years in Riverside.. bittersweet can’t wait to go but gonna miss the memories i made here in this freaken desert. i never thought i would say that.


You can do it! we can do it! lets finish this quarter strongg!

lazy sundays

25 May

ending church, eating a good lunch and coming home and taking a good 2 hour sunday nap.. that is the best! energize oneself for the upcoming week that is coming ahead.change into comfortable clothes and doing the probably one of the unhealthiest things one can do.. sleep right after you eat..that is what i literally did today.. woke up with my face swollen and feeling bloated… but knowing that there is no school tomorrow made me feel a lot better.


Je T’aime

25 May

2hfhmv8 “Together we are a team”


21 May

a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.

whoever said life was going to be easy..

the one emotion that whispers ‘give it another try, you never know’ is always on the back of our head.

hope.. gives the strength to take each day at a time.. the last strength that can push us to give it another try to do the things we want to be, do, and overcome. hope is the the little candle light in a pitch dark room, to keep on trying when there seems to be no hope at all.

” Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible”

God our strength, our rock, our hope.