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Grace Ko

28 Jun

024i have known this girl as long as i can remember… middle schoool, high school and now college. dang.. we have known each other for so long huh? we both loved hot cheetos, you would drink the ramyun soup while i ate the nooodle, watch disney music videos… hahha i cant’ believe time has past.. and we are all turning 21 slowly one by one. do u remember this picture? the picture where we were eating chips i think? your mom gave us and thats the first time i tried riesen? soo good i ate like 5. i love you grace ko. you are someone i cherish dearly in my heart. hope you have the best birthday ever.


RESPECT yourself.

27 Jun

it amazes me how many guys are dicks, but it amazes me even more that some girls tolerate it.

“my soul sistah, respect yourself please.”-epik high


27 Jun

music sometimes can change everything. when your mad. sad, ecstatic. there is a song out there that matches your mood.  music never fails.


where is it?

27 Jun

i see so many relationships around me just.. unhealthy.

it makes me think.. where is the love?

its rare to find relationships these days that are pure and true.

27 Jun


crush on you

25 Jun


he is sooo cutteee! im a fan 🙂

waiting at 3am with a fever to watch this dang movie on imax.. and coming out with the sun out.. dang… i think it was pretty long. but it was still pretty good. came out all tired and dazed.  shia.. just plays the role really well. optimus prime.. sigh and bumblebeee.. loved it. go watch it!


23 Jun

one of the best parts in being in Korea was the food 🙂


$1 ice cream 🙂 pretty goood!


i was really craving zzang zzang myun togo. i got it! it was delicious 🙂

IMG_1400dude… look at all those fried food 🙂 THIS was BOMB. gave it right away when it was just made.. i want some now.IMG_1637I LOVE GOGI. there was this sauce with it that you dip it in.. dang.. it was freaken good..

IMG_1640I wish they had this here… i would get mcdonalds.. all the time.

Last but not least!


The salon did my brother’s hair.. hahhah it was hilarious… if you are looking for goo jooon pyo. heres right here ladies!