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le love

27 Aug

i love this love blog site.. pictures of love… passsages about love.. makes me more into a hopeless romantic.

one of the blogs that i really loved is the one about waiting.. for  love.

“They say real love comes when you aren’t searching for it. I used to think that it was absurd to say that because most everyone is searching for love; and many do find it. But of all those people I know, who I’ve watched love, though it may not have lasted forever, I’ve realized one thing. They all loved. There isn’t a person I know who could end their life saying they haven’t loved. The moment I realized that was the moment I stopped searching. I stopped searching for that perfect guy, for that perfect relationship, for that perfect life.

I’ve never been in love. But I am waiting for it. No longer searching. Waiting, because I know it will come.”
just as this person talks about how she/he has saw people who loved… one thing is true that they all loved. they took that risk to open themselves up and become in a way vulernable. The statement where it says stopped searching for that perfect guy, for that perfect relationship, for that perfect life. got to me. every girl wants that perfect guy… that knight and shining armor. that makes you feel like a princess.

” True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

Girls tend to look for that perfect guy… true love.. their habits annoy the crap out of you but at the same time you love it about them. their smiles, their gestures how they carry themselves.. they are  just perfect to you in your eyes.  l-o-v-e.

24 Aug

just as our body needs food and water to drink.. our spirit needs the word to survive.

i sometimes forget how important the word is to us. how it is the key to fully get to know him.

22 Aug


Life is what you make of it

15 Aug

moved out of campus crossings! moving was a pain in the butt and we have to move again to go into our new house bleh.

if anyone is considering to live in campus crossings.. uhh don’t its not a cool place to live

can’t wait for this year~ last year! gonna make the best of it! ooo whoooo~  i can’t believe its my last year.. time goes soo fast. i have been here this whole summer in riverside.. i really can’t believe it im ready to go home and chill for  a while before i get settled in riverside again and start fall quarter hahha

now that im 21 and all i feel old sometimes.. i miss being in the teens haha but at the same time im still young.lot of stuff to do and lot more to learn and grow 🙂

i saw time travelors wife! how cool would it be to time travel! go back inteh past see some events.. but at the same time it would suck..

8 Aug


4 Aug

n19906220_32888358_3522519Laughter is contagious.


4 Aug

i can’t believe im moving out of this apartment and migrating to a new place… already!

it feels weird.. this summer  is endin soon.. even though i was in riverside for basically the whole summer it wasn’t that bad hahhaha but lets just sayyy .. been eating a grip load of food hahha no beuno. and everyone is turnin 21 one by one.and… gonna be a senior soon.. ahhh! during summer session seeing all the freshmens.. ahh they look all soo cute.. soo lost and don’t know where to go hahha.  kinda miss freshmen year.. dorms were fun, food was nasty, and everything was close.

i can’t wait for this last year in college and can’t wait to cherish it.. cause i already have a feeling its gonna go by really fast… yikes.

carpe diem 🙂