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Another favorites

29 Sep

another blog entry from le love.. that i like.

And my advice to anyone reading this is, don’t let opportunities pass you by. Don’t dismiss people without thinking about how you may feel later. Don’t end something great, just because you think it would be too inconvenient to your life to let it continue. The truth is, everyone needs closure. Even if you do try something, and it’s difficult, and it ends, at least you know you tried. At least you know it was really the right decision to end it. You tried, and you failed. That’s okay, that’s something you’ll get over. But wondering, always wondering how it would have went if you had just let it happen, that’s torture. It’s the “what ifs” that keep me up at night. And the fact that he was strong enough to want me, to want to put up a fight for me, and I wasn’t strong enough to fight for him. And for the way I feel now, I have only myself to blame.

– Anonymous



11 Sep

so these dayss.. i have been watching a lot of movies.. as in like i don’t know what to watch in theaters.. yea.. hahha pretty bad. but i would say the good movies that stood out are inglorious basterds, district 9 and julie and julia. i just came back from watching julie and julia.. and i have to say i really enjoyed that movie. i did not know what to expect from it.. but it was definetly worth the money… i wanted to cook right after that movie hahah.  i like all different kind of movies… thriller.. mysterious… sometimes scary.. haha the thing is when i watch movies. i get pretty into it.. haha when watching scary movies.. i tend to scream.. move around hahah friends would know.. but out of all those kind of movies.. i love movies that have meaning to it.. that makes  me feel this tingly feeling inside when i come out of the theaters.. love family movies… motivational moviess 😀 that makes me motivated to live this life to the fullest! mm like right after watching julie and juliaa i wanna cook away.. create a hobby hahah anywayss julie and julia is a delighted movieee one should go watch!

Turning point

4 Sep

life throws stuff at you that you will never expect. we can never understand or even comprehend God’s ways for us.. what he has in store for us.. every pain and hurt that has been in the past how he uses that to bring us closer to him. wanting us to want him.. to hold us and say that everything is okay when we always question “Y? it hurts too much.. it takes too long to heal…. if  you knew it was gonna hurt us why did you make us go through it…”  God and his timing.. how his timing is perfect. how letting go and accepting.. .having faith that he will make everything okay. that he will never forsake us.

this year is gonna be a turning point. im excited for what God has in store for me.. forming me into someone that he wants me to become.