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July post.

14 Jul

Fail… my posts are becoming once a month… haha… Gonna try to upload this thing as much as I can, but no guarantee.. 

Random Thoughts Wants: 

-I want to go whale watching again.. 

-I want to go to the beach one more time before the fall man comes along 

-I need “want” to run

-Love this type of weather esp summer nights






1 Jun

AH! I swear I did not mean to abandon you wordpress.. I got carried away with pinterest and their pictures and pinning and boards, but sometimes its just easier to post a picture and let that be what expresses my emotions that day. Pictures can say a thousand words ya know? BUT i’m gonna make a more effort to upload more posts on this blog! 

JUNE! I can’t believe summer is here.. ahaha I feel that I always say that about every month.. but its true.. time flies~ So many changes and transitions especially in this “20 Stage” but knowing that God is still faithful and hopeful 🙂

“Live your life as an exclamation not an explanation” AND “Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know! ” 


Have a great first day of June! 


Goodbye May, Hello June!

1 Jun


“Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to someone you love “

17 May


25 Apr

“People fear what they don’t understand”hrmm…

Satan may not know the future, but he knows your past and he knows exactly how to use that against you. He finds those weak points that makes you feel vulnerable and insecure, and uses that to put  strongholds in your life. That is why we  must renew our minds and remind ourselves who we are in Him everyday.

Enjoying this moment right now… that i won’t be able to take back.. 🙂 writing on my blog at 1:19pm on Wednesday, April 25,2012.

I want a red velvet cupcake from sprinkles. :0 nom nom

Love God. Love people. Love life.



The same

24 Apr

In the end we are all the same, and in the end it all comes down to love.






Stop and smell the lavender :)

10 Apr

Stop and smell the lavender :)

Stop and enjoy life 🙂